Tony Wildman Chip

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(ATTENTION)  Currently TS is back ordered on blank chips.  As of 7/25/18 they have no idea when a new shipment will arrive.  By Placing an order you are put in a queue as they are received and your order will go out when they are back in stock.   If you have any questions please feel free to email us.   There is the option of having our tune put on a Hydra chip at no additional cost.  
Tony Wildman is one of the most well known Powerstroke diesel programmers on the market. TW chips are available from Single to 6 positions

Tony Wildman Chip
Did you know that when you purchase a new TW chip you get lifetime free Reburns?

 Features: 94.5-2003 7.3l
  • These programs are custom built specifically to your truck and modifications. Economy is designed to increase your fuel mileage.
  • Daily is a slightly more powerful version of the economy program that adjusts shift points for driving around town.
  • Tow is going to be approximately 50hp increase for the 94-97 models and 65ish for 99-03 models.
  • Heavy tow will have shift points adjusted and an increase in power over the regular tow program.
  • Street Race is for those pesky imports with the coffee can exhausts.
    Extreme is for the track.
  • Sled pull will have shift parameters adjusted to allow the truck to be in drive and not shift out of 2nd gear
  • Hi Idle is for them cold days to keep the truck warm and the hot days to keep the truck cool.

Please include PCM code and any additional info in the space provided.  The Chip will not start the burning process until we receive the PCM code

Because of the high demand and the custom tune nature of these chips please allow 3+ weeks for delivery
  Because of a chip shortage at TS please expect a higher wait for chip orders to go out...  yes this means 3+ weeks.....