Outer Limit Supply Day Tripper Series First Aid Kit

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Our Day Tripper Series Kit is perfect for a quick trip or outing. It’s packaged inside of a high impact ABS plastic case, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The reliable stainless steel hinge and latch pins are corrosion resistant. They also include ABS compound latches; with nylon fittings for long lasting ease of use. The case has two padlock hasps to keep your case secure. Thanks to the water-tight seal, the watertight case will keep your first aid supplies protected even if fully submerged underwater. It has a pressure relief valve that equalizes the pressure inside, during high elevation changes. Furthermore, they are crash-proof, so it won’t break in case you drop it. This case is so tough we offer a lifetime warranty! Exterior Dimensions: 10.18 x 8.55 x 4.78